HELGØYA BIE - Honey Producers

Nes and Helgøya is known for it’s rich and varied flora being home to between 600 and 700 different varieties of plants and flowers. Our area is perfect for beekeeping and for honey production. In late summer, we move our hives to Nordre Osen in Østerdalen for the bees to feed on ling heather (Calluna vulgaris).

Helgøya Bie have test queens being considered for further breeding by the Norwegian Beekeepers Association. We breed queens both for our own use and for sale. Helgøya is a breeding area for Karnika bees; the mating station being situated on Åsbakk. We rent out beehives for the pollination of fruit trees and clover.

Our honey is cold bottled. We produce and sell: 

Summer Honey, which consists mainly of nectar from willow, fruit blossom, raspberry flowers, dandelion, clover and brassicaceae. This is a light, gentle honey. Some years, when the weather is good during the flowering  of the blackcurrant bushes, and there are no other competing bee plants nearby, we manage to produce blackcurrant honey. Blackcurrant honey has more of a fruit flavor, has a looser consistency and a slightly darker color.

Heather Honey, where the bees only gather nectar from heather. This honey is rich in antioxidants, as well as some riboflavin which is effective against the common cold. The heather honey has a stronger flavour than the summer honey and the blackcurrant honey. It is not as solid as the summer honey and is darker in color.

By-products: Lip balm with beeswax. Moulded beeswax candles. More products are under development.

Hours by appointment, please call.

You can buy our nectarous honey directly from us; at Infoteket at Tingnes, at Skafferiet on Helgøya and at the Braastad Farm Shop.  

Owners: Lise Godager Hansen and John Erik Hansen
Mob.: + 47950 20 558 / + 47 917 98 628
e-mail: joerikh@online.no

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